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Colorado Lawyers Fighting for Students in University Disciplinary Hearings

Historically, Title IX of the Educational Amendment Act of 1972 is meant to protect gender discrimination. However, now it is the method in which colleges expel young men after an accusation of sexual misconduct. Colleges and Universities have a vested interest in protecting the funding that they receive as a part of Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972. They are also vested in protecting a reputation that is tarnished by keeping young men on campus who are accused of rape. While this law is designed to provide students with a safe and equal educational experience, that is not always the case.


Eytan Nielsen LLC attorneys have successfully represented falsely accused students, many of the young men, dealing with Title IX university proceedings all over the United States. Many innocent students, mostly male, are falsely reported of Title IX offenses every year—allegations that can follow them for the rest of their lives.

This includes claims of:
● Sexual Assault
● Sexual Misconduct
● Intimate Partner Violence
● Hazing
● Sex or Gender Discrimination
● Retaliation
● Sexual Harassment

Any allegation, regardless of whether it took place off campus or with a student from another school, can result in suspension, expulsion, or a permanent note on a student’s transcript—making it difficult to transfer to a new school, be accepted to a post-college educational program (including law, business or medical school), or be hired for a professional job.

Title IX Defense in College and University Proceedings

Students who have been the victims of a false Title IX claim often do not seek help until it is too late. A Title IX university proceeding for sexual misconduct allegations purports to look fair, but it is not. There are several important differences that you have to know up front including there is no presumption of innocence, no hearing, and cross examination of the accuser.


The Title IX defense lawyers of Eytan Nielsen LLC know from decades of advocating for falsely accused students how the university disciplinary proceedings typically go. We can help to reframe the narrative in a way that exposes the lie, reveals the truth, and protects your future.

Hiring a Lawyer for a Title IX University Proceeding

From the moment you call one of Eytan Nielsen LLC’s Title IX attorneys, we are there to help your family find and preserve evidence that will support your case.


If you have been accused of a university or college Title IX violation, Eytan Nielsen LLC can help you navigate these treacherous waters.