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Not Guilty On All Charges
Dru Nielsen is tenured professional and a law machine. I became Dru’s client after having previous legal counsel not meet my expectations. I was falsely accused of Domestic Violence.
However, It was not an easy case. The case was fought on all fronts, and all opportunities for solutions were pursued. Ultimately these solutions were not amicable. Dru and her firm represented me at trial, kept expectations and consequences professional, and fought relentlessly. I was acquitted on all charges. Whether you think trial is an option or not for your situation, I would recommend Dru and her firm.

Batting 1000
I cannot say enough about Iris. I absolutely highly recommend Iris and her firm. Iris is so focused on helping people. Her approach made me feel at ease. Iris commands the courtroom like no other lawyer I have ever seen. I’m forever grateful for Iris and her firm for the support and expertise that they have provided me. Iris was able to achieve a truly miraculous outcome. I wholeheartedly recommend Iris Eytan. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the outcome of your case!

Charges Dismissed
The words “thank you” seem insufficient to express the gratitude we have for Dru Nielsen’s help in defending our son through false accusations of sexual assault. Dru was compassionate, thoughtful and thorough in gaining the facts from our son and immediately took action with the intent to demonstrate to the DA that criminal charges were not warranted. Her goal from the beginning was to prevent a criminal case. However, she was also very forthright and honest with us, letting us know with full disclosure what we could encounter along the way.
Dru presented our case with credibility and conviction and with full transparency of the facts, the DA dismissed the charges. We are living in a culture and a time where the trajectory of a young person’s life can be completely altered by one person’s assertion, truth or not. It’s frightening to think of what can happen without competent legal representation. I am grateful that our family found Dru and that her determination and confidence in our son resulted in a positive outcome. Read More.
~ Parent of a client

Like Family
We showed up at Iris Eytan’s office terrified and clueless as to how to navigate the judicial system. We had previously hired a prominently advertised lawyer who took a significant amount of money from us only to show up to my son’s first court appearance, not doing any of the leg work that he had promised, and asking for more money to move forward. Iris was the best thing that ever happened to our family! She listened to me cry for nearly an hour on our first phone consult, and for the first time since my son was arrested, I had hope!
Iris and her team worked incredibly hard to make up the time that was lost with the first lawyer and found eyewitness that I KNOW would have never been found by any other attorney. Iris treated us like family, I never had to call her once because she was always giving us updates and keeping us in the loop of where they were in collecting evidence. Not only did my son’s case not go to trial, thanks to Iris and the evidence she presented to the DA, his record was sealed and she even helped us get money back from the first lawyer! My son was literally facing life in prison for something he did not do, and as a mom, it was a horrible feeling to feel so lost in a system that had so much power. The best thing I ever did for my son was finding Iris. She gave him back his life!

First Call
I have known Dru for over a decade, and in that time I have seen her in action in the courtroom as an opponent. I have seen her help a multitude people navigate the criminal with uncommon skill. I have also seen her, through persistence and hard work, rescue multiple criminal defendants from extremely serious false allegations. She is unquestionably ethical. Dru would be my first call if a friend or a family member were ever in trouble.
~ Experienced Trial Attorney / Former Felony Prosecutor

Force to be Reckoned With
Iris has represented our son on a felony charge since 2014, and thank goodness for our family that Iris is a force to be reckoned with! Iris took over our son’s case from a very capable attorney and turned an almost certain prison term of 4-12 years into a 4 year probationary period. She was unstoppable in advocating for a just decision by the Court, and she successfully thwarted the DA’s agenda to win another conviction regardless of how unjust or senseless it was. Along the way she inspired us to keep moving forward with hope instead of despair. In short, Iris is a very special person and attorney, and we are very fortunate to have her on our side.

Did Their Homework
We were recently represented by Eytan Nielsen and could not be more pleased with how well they performed. At the outset we were distraught over how the State of Colorado steamrolled over us. It can leave a defendant gasping for justice in a very quick manner.
We were introduced to Dru after letting go of a previous retainer with another firm. From the outset we felt Dru really believed in us and would fight to get the scales evened out in court. Throughout the event, Dru was on top of all the communication, helping us to understand what was at stake and what the likely outcome would be. She never let us down.
Our case was released before we had to go to court simply because Dru and her partner Iris did their homework and made efforts to investigate all that happened. This is something neither the State of Colorado nor the previous attorney was willing to do. But they believed in us and worked hard and diligently for the right outcome.
We can’t thank you enough for your efforts.

Second to None
On May 25, 2016 I was falsely indicted for kidnapping and false imprisonment. Personally and professionally, it was the darkest time of my life, and the stress of being falsely accused of a crime left me feeling lost. Luckily, Iris Eytan was referred to me by close friends, and from the initial meeting with her she provided clarity during a frustrating time. Even as a former member of law enforcement myself, she was able to provide direction into what the coming months would entail.
During the entire 508 days of a personal hell, Ms. Eytan and her staff (Tiffany Drahota, Dru Nielsen, Tonya her paralegal, and others) displayed professionalism, a thorough knowledge of the judicial process and case law, and a passion for their client that was second to none.

Life Changer
Dru Nielsen is an amazing person and attorney. Her experience and knowledge as a criminal defense lawyer are unparalleled. She will fight for justice and work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that you’re represented fairly. I was falsely accused of a horrible crime and tried the case with another attorney who told me I should just plead guilty, that I was likely going to jail and I should just hope that the court would show me mercy. I ceased working with this attorney and looked for help elsewhere. I believed in my innocence and after my initial meeting with Dru, knew she believed in me as well. She uncovered countless flaws in the case and was able to convince the DA to avoid trial and dismiss all charges against me. Dru Nielsen is a life changer and an attorney that you can put your faith and trust in to get you through the toughest of times.

Advocate for the Innocent
I would highly recommend Iris Eytan to anyone who has been charged with a crime. She is a seeker of the truth and an advocate for the innocent. Thank you Iris for everything you’ve done for myself and my family.

Unbelievable Bedside Manner
Dru represented my son when he was arrested. Not only did she work diligently to get the false charges dismissed, she was great to a terrified family. Her “bedside manner” was unbelievable. She thoroughly explained each step along the way, what was happening and why. Dru always answered all our questions fully, never trying to shoot out a quick answer just to get rid of us. She also provided great encouragement, especially to my son who was only 18 at the time. I highly recommend Dru and Eytan Nielsen!
~ Parent of a client

Saved My Life
Dru truly saved my life and has made me feel secure and hopeful for the future. If you are ever faced with impossible odds she will fight until the very end for you. No amount of money or thank yous can express what she did for me. She is definitely, in my opinion, the best lawyer out there.

Creative Methods
Eytan Nielsen LLC was able to change the focus of the dialogue with the District Attorney and alter the outcome in our favor. The District Attorney claimed she would never change the plea offer, but Eytan Nielsen passionately mobilized a team of experts and pursued creative methods to keep my son from a life-ending felony conviction.
~ Parent of a former Client

Fantastic Conclusion
My lawyer Dru Nielsen did an absolutely fantastic job with my case. She was kind, caring and professional. She worked my case to fantastic conclusion. I could not be happier with the outcome.

Uncovered Lies
Dru Nielsen is an amazing person and attorney. She doesn’t just take the easy way. She gets in and finds out everything about the case. She will fight for what’s right and work tirelessly for you. She uncovered countless lies and misinformation in the case and was able to show the DA to avoid trial and dismiss charges against me. Dru really cares, unlike most attorneys.

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