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Proactively Fight Criminal Charges Before They Are Filed

If you have been accused of a criminal offense in Colorado or learn that you are under investigation of a crime, you need a lawyer to help protect your rights and potentially prevent criminal charges from ever being filed.


When an individual has been accused of committing a crime, the police conduct a pre-file criminal investigation. During the investigative process, the police review evidence and talk to witnesses to determine whether they believe there is evidence of a crime. It is also during this stage of the process that many individuals are interrogated, often through the use of tactics designed to “trip up” the individual.


If you believe you may be a suspect in a criminal offense, it is vital for you to have a lawyer during the pre-file investigation process. Eytan Nielsen LLC is dedicated to making sure you have the best representation during this important and potentially life changing stage of a criminal case. As some of the most respected criminal defense attorneys in Colorado, we have the reputation and know-how to stop your criminal case before it is filed.


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Colorado Pre-File Investigation Lawyers

During the pre-file investigation, there are a number of ways that a person without an attorney can make critical, life-altering mistakes. Often, police officers and detectives involved in questioning witnesses about crimes are working under extreme stress with large caseloads.


They may look for the easiest resolution to the crime they are investigating, and often do not have time to review small details that might eliminate you as a suspect.


As seasoned Colorado criminal defense attorneys, we know what you are up against during the pre-file investigation process. We have successfully convinced police and prosecutors throughout Colorado not to charge a crime they are investigating.
If you believe you are under investigation for a criminal offense, contact Eytan Nielsen LLC for a free consultation.

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