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We base our services on a team approach handled with precision and passion.


Iris and Dru represent the criminally accused throughout the State of Colorado at the district, county, and municipal court level. They practice in both State and Federal Court. They are experienced in handling all types of charges. They know what others might consider a minor offense can change the course of a person’s life, career and family. Their practice emphasizes representation in cases involving – Murder, Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, “Sexting,” Sexual Exploitation, Unlawful Sexual Conduct, Vehicular Homicide, Domestic Violence, Assault, Harassment, Menacing, Kidnapping, Fraud, Forgery, Theft, Burglary, Crimes Against At-Risk Adults, Controlled Substance Crimes, Indecent Exposure, Invasion of Privacy, Solicitation, Resisting Arrest, Telephone Crime, Organized Crime (COCCA) and Marijuana offenses.


Iris and Dru view each case differently, and on its own merit and history. In addition to the criminal defense strategy, Iris and Dru consider many of the direct and collateral consequences that can be imposed when there are allegations involving child abuse, sex abuse and/or domestic violence. Professionals, including doctors, nurses, lawyers, pilots, accountants, and individuals with high security clearance, can lose their careers over an accusation. Iris and Dru have represented many professionals and have guided them by working with lawyers who emphasize their practice in Administrative Law. Iris and Dru fervently argue the imposition of the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board’s (SOMB) standards and guidelines when representing individuals accused of crimes involving unlawful sexual behavior, and the Colorado Domestic Violence Management Board (DVOMB) when representing individuals accused of crimes involving domestic violence.


Iris and Dru have assisted students involved in alleged honor code violations in disciplinary proceedings at universities and colleges throughout Colorado including the University of Colorado, the University of Denver, Colorado College, Colorado School of Mines, and Colorado State University. They have experience in the area of Title IX as it affects male college students who are wrongly accused of sexual misconduct.


Iris and Dru are often hired to represent individuals who have been contacted by police or law enforcement about an ongoing investigation or have requested an interview before charges are formally filed. Our constitution guarantees all individuals the right to remain silent. Iris and Dru have successfully navigated the prefile/precharge process to great success, meaning that they have many times convinced law enforcement not to file criminal charges against their clients.


Iris and Dru have represented numerous individuals charged with crimes who by reason of a disability are either not competent to proceed in court, or have a mental health or intellectual deficit who may have been not guilty by reason of insanity or not guilty by mental condition, at the time of the alleged offense. Additionally, Dru and Iris have experience with young adults and juveniles with disabilities who falsely confess due to their susceptibility to please authority, vulnerabilities, and inability to understand their rights. Raising competency or insanity, or fighting a false confession is complicated and requires knowledge of the statutes which define the process, the privileges that are given up if asserted, and the correct examinations and tests which should be conducted.


Given their many years of experience working with people who are overwrought with fear, disappointment, depression, and anger, often over accusations of wrongdoing, Iris and Dru advise clients on strategies and solutions to get them through the crisis.