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Denver Juvenile Law Lawyers

Good kids make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes or immature choices result in your child being charged in juvenile court or direct filed in adult court. Seeing your child arrested and charged for a Colorado juvenile crime is a terrifying experience.


The process will feel cold and uncaring when it is your child in the cross hairs. In juvenile criminal cases, parental advocacy is not enough. You and your child need experienced Colorado juvenile defense attorneys to defend your child’s future.

Criminal Law Defense Attorneys for Minors

Eytan Nielsen LLC attorneys have defended many Colorado children accused of crimes ranging from petty to serious. Do not think that because your child is a minor that he or she will be treated with kid gloves. In Colorado, juveniles can be charged as juveniles or as adults with felonies, including sexual assaults and crimes of violence that can have lifelong repercussions.


For many years, the criminal defense attorneys at Eytan Nielsen LLC have partnered with parents and their children to secure the best result possible in their juvenile court or direct file case. Iris Eytan and Dru Nielsen protect good kids from having their promising futures tarnished because of one misunderstanding or mistake.

Navigating the Colorado Juvenile Court System

Dru Nielsen and Iris Eytan can intervene immediately to protect a child and their family in a Colorado juvenile law case. Parents are relieved to learn that working with the juvenile defense attorneys at Eytan Nielsen LLC can help prevent their child’s matter from proceeding to court or keep a conviction off their child’s permanent record. As lifelong criminal defense attorneys, Dru Nielsen and Iris Eytan work with families to resolve their children’s juvenile court matter discretely while keeping everyone informed every step of the way.


If your child has been accused or arrested for a juvenile law crime in Colorado, Eytan Nielsen LLC can help.

Direct File and Colorado Juvenile Crimes

In Colorado, children can be charged, arrested, and incarcerated for crimes. It is not uncommon for good kids to make statements to police or school officials out of fear and impulse. Eytan Nielsen LLC can step in and interface with police and school officials to sure the child is protected before the child is questioned by adults. Even a brush with law enforcement or the juvenile court system can have a lasting impact on a child’s future and education options.


Eytan Nielsen LLC attorneys have extensive experience in resolving criminal matters for juveniles. They have worked with parents and children in situations when the child has been Direct Filed – meaning charged as adult. The hearing to determine whether a judge transfers your child’s case to juvenile or adult court takes specialists. The law firm of Eytan Nielsen LLC understands what is at stake when your child is accused of a crime. Call Eytan Nielsen LLC to discuss your child’s criminal juvenile case.