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Defending Your Child in a High School Disciplinary Process

In Colorado, the high school disciplinary process can be a major turning point for your child’s future. Many families are unaware that a negative outcome in these proceedings can impact their child’s ability to get into another high school if expelled, into college or find work later on, not to mention the academic loss that they face because of time out of school.


In a high school disciplinary hearing in Colorado, your student has a constitutional right to due process that needs to be protected. The Colorado high school disciplinary attorneys of Eytan Nielsen LLC believe that advocating for
these rights is some of the most important work we can do as lawyers and as parents. We are two of the most passionate criminal defense attorneys with educational defense experience in the state. Iris Eytan and Dru Nielsen help families of students facing disciplinary hearings to advocate for their rights and protect their opportunities beyond high school.


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High School Disciplinary Defense Lawyer

The state of Colorado allows students facing academic probation, suspension, or expulsion the right to legal representation as a part of the disciplinary hearing. Unfortunately, many families do not exercise this right. Oftentimes families of students facing school discipline do not have the know-how to disprove the allegations against them without counsel.


High school disciplinary decisions are made within days and sometimes hours of the event in question. In order to retain your student’s rights, it is vital to contact Eytan Nielsen LLC immediately.

Choosing a Colorado Attorney for a High School Discipline Defense

Protecting the rights of others, regardless of their age, is our passion.


Eytan Nielsen LLC attorneys have seen over decades of disciplinary proceedings that the school district and its employees are sometimes more concerned with budget and time than with what is best for your child.


Not every criminal defense lawyer understands the ins and outs of the Colorado educational system well enough to secure the best outcome. We do.


To find out more about how to assert your students’ legal rights in a high school disciplinary setting, contact Eytan Nielsen LLC today.