Iris Eytan Interviewed in Colorado Public Radio Article, “State Agrees To $10 Million In Fines, Overhaul of How It Handles Mentally Ill In Jail”

State officials have agreed to vastly speed up how quickly severely mentally ill people get into treatment after being arrested and will pay millions in fines until they can meet that goal, according to a federal court agreement reached this week between disability advocates and the state Department of Human Services.
The state agreed to eventually move the sickest inmates out of jail and into a hospital within seven days — less sick people will get out of jail within 21 days.
Officials signed off on the agreement this week knowing they are not currently close to being able to meet that timeline — and are anticipating paying out $10 million in fines, between $100 and $500 per inmate per day, over this first year as they build up capacity.

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