Praise for Criminal Justice Attorney, Dru Nielsen

The words “thank you” seem insufficient to express the gratitude we have for Dru Nielsen’s help in defending our son through false accusations of sexual assault.

From the onset, it was clear that in a “He said, She said” allegation, the accused party would be presumed guilty until proven innocent. We knew we needed help, completely naïve to the court system and processes in these types of cases.

Dru was compassionate, thoughtful and thorough in gaining the facts from our son and immediately took action with the intent to demonstrate to the DA that criminal charges were not warranted. Her goal from the beginning was to prevent a criminal case. However, she was also very forthright and honest with us, letting us know with full disclosure what we could encounter along the way.

Dru presented our case with credibility and conviction and with full transparency of the facts, the DA dismissed the charges.
We are living in a culture and a time where the trajectory of a young person’s life can be completely altered by one person’s assertion, truth or not. It’s frightening to think of what can happen without competent legal representation. I am grateful that our family found Dru and that her determination and confidence in our son resulted in a positive outcome.

This was a hard life lesson for my son, but we are confident that Dru’s leadership and guidance through his turmoil has helped to refine him and will make him into a stronger young man.