Iris Eytan Authors Law Week Colorado Article, “Sending Your Sons to College? The Title IX Process Might Send Them Home.”

September 30, 2019
Denver, Colorado
I wrote an opinion piece in 2015 for Law Week Colorado on how Title IX is being used against young male students. Then and now, Title IX is meant to secure equality and safety for young people in educational environments. Then and now, Title IX is being misused by institutions violating the dignity and rights of male students. I know this because I represent them.
My clients are these young, impressionable male students who are being accused of sexual assault while in college. They are finding themselves in a lawless void that is ripe for litigation and lawsuits rather than due process through regulations and procedures. Yes, women are being sexually assaulted on college campuses. And yes, it is a huge problem. However, it cannot be denied that the process behind disciplinary actions for sexual assault allegations is egregious.

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