Kudos for Criminal Justice Attorney, Dru Nielsen

I had the pleasure to work with Dru Nielsen over the past few months on a very stressful case. I originally hired a different lawyer to try my case and was told by that lawyer that I was going to be convicted and likely put in jail. I was told I should give up, plead guilty and hope that the court would be merciful. We made an attempt to settle the case with the DA with a fairly unfavorable offer (for me) and we were summarily rejected.

I believed in my innocence and sought out representation from someone who felt the same. After my first meeting with Dru I immediately knew I was in good hands and had found a lawyer who was going to fight for me. She spent countless hours investigating the case and gave me hope that a positive outcome was possible. For the first time in months I was able to sleep through the night and wasn’t constantly worrying about my case.

Dru Nielsen is a fighter and worked tirelessly to prove my innocence. She investigated all angles of the case and interviewed several people to uncover the truth behind the accusations. She prepared and presented what she found to the DA multiple times and was able to show not only why the charges should be dismissed but why the case shouldn’t be tried at all.

After it appeared I was headed for trial with my first attorney and hoping to convince a jury of my innocence, Dru was able to get the case and all charges dismissed in their entirety.

If you feel like you’re not being represented fairly and want someone who believes in you and who will fight for you, you will find no better attorney than Dru Nielsen.