Eytan Nielsen bears down on prosecution to dismiss felony charges against innocent client who was framed by Boulder Police Department

Coleman Stewart Police Shooting Case Dismissal “A Cover-up of a Cover-up”

By Michael Roberts
November 9, 2018

A judge has dismissed a case against 27-year-old Coleman Stewart in relation to a 2014 incident during which he was shot twice by members of the Boulder Police Department.

But while his attorney, Iris Eytan, is pleased that Stewart is no longer in legal jeopardy, she’s frustrated that the matter has been dropped prior to a hearing at which she planned to argue that the officers in the case violated her client’s constitutional rights and perjured themselves to justify their actions. Likewise, she’s offended that the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office is now repeating claims against Stewart that an expert analysis characterizes as impossible, as well as portraying the trigger-pulling officers — Nicholas Frankenreiter, Erin Starks and Jacob Vaporis — as victims rather than victimizers.

“Cole Stewart is the true victim in this case,” says Eytan, who filed a motion this week calling for the matter to be closed “in a proper manner that restores Cole’s rights.” Read it below.

In Eytan’s view, the DA’s “motion to dismiss is a cover-up of a cover-up.”

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