Denver Metro Criminal Defense Attorney, Iris Eytan, Argues Tom Fallis Not Guilty

As prosecutors try to prove their case, that got underway on Wednesday, against former Weld County Deputy, Tom Fallis, experienced criminal lawyer, Iris Eytan, defends her client.
“You bet … he almost got Tasered; he was losing the love of his life,” Eytan said.
The defense is presenting Tom Fallis as a man who cared for and loved his wife greatly. Prosecutors depicted Fallis as an angry man who was set off when his wife wanted to step outside and smoke a marijuana joint. Fallis is accused of murdering his 28-year-old wife after a New Year’s Eve party in 2012. Ashley Fallis’ death was first ruled a suicide, but the case was reopened two years later.
“Ashley wasn’t on her mental health medication. She was intoxicated. She had just suffered a miscarriage. She was a pressure cooker,” Eytan said, arguing that Ashley’s death was, in fact, a suicide.
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