Iris Eytan & Dru Nielsen

Aggressive, Passionate, Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers

Iris Eytan

Iris Eytan of Eytan Nielsen LLC is one of the leading female Colorado lawyers practicing in high-profile criminal defense litigation. She is well known as an aggressive Denver lawyer and for her unrelenting pursuit of justice. As a highly experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney, Iris has brought more than 50 cases to trial. Most recently, her work as counsel in the jury trial of People v. Micah Kimball caught the attention of the national and international media.

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Dru Nielsen

Dru Nielsen has been recognized as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Colorado. Since graduating from law school in 1997, Dru has devoted her entire career to aggressively defending individuals accused of committing crimes. While Dru has won dozens of “not guilty” verdicts at trial, her unique ability to successfully resolve serious cases prior to trial has also earned the respect of clients and opponents, alike.

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